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What we do has a powerful and lasceting impact on the world. When we connect people and work we accomplish something important that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of many people. As the world of work changes, so does our business, but Goldman remains committed to finding the best workforce solutions for our customers.

Goldman Workforce Solutions Private Limited is one of the reputed manpower consultants established in India and approved by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, vide registration No. B-1079/CHD/COM/1000+/5/9394/2018 DATED 2ND October, 2018 and are enjoying excellent reputation worldwide. We are engaged in providing manpower services though issuance of registration certificate introduced by Government of India in 1984. Goldman occupies a vanguard position and is one of the premier agencies to meet all manpower needs of our overseas clients for any type of project located anywhere.

Goldman has tremendous experience in sourcing and deploying most competent work force in all spheres to internationally reputed clients. Goldman specializes in identifying, evaluating and placing the right people to meet our clients` specific requirements. Our workforce spread over India has one mission to fulfill — to find the right people to meet our client`s specific requirements – in the particular rung that you have a need and at the specific locations where you need people. From our experience we have learned that every company has its own culture, values and expectations of its employees. The better we understand you the easier it is to tailor our search and narrow down the field of candidates so that the rates of conversion is higher.

Our strength is our people. Their accumulated knowledge base and expertise in diverse fields has enabled us to provide strategic support to our clients. We, at Goldman partner with you to solve your short term and long term business objectives. Once we understand your requirement we are able to source the people with the right skill set, aptitude, attitude and commitment to help you achieve your goals.
We meet the requirements of our clients who need unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled professionals to be deployed across the world to execute projects within desired deadlines.
Our client relationships are informed by trust, discretion and confidentiality. We are absolutely focused on, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our clients without compromising the careers of our candidates.

Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose

We connect people & work.

Ever since our first office opened, Goldman has been committed to putting people to work and helping change lives. Whether our client is a small business on Main Street or a Fortune 500 company, we work equally hard to find the people to help them be successful.

Our Vision

The way the world works has changed dramatically over the past quarter century. Across the globe, the key challenge is finding the right talent to do the job. That’s why Goldman has also changed by broadening our specialized service offerings, reaching more markets and offering greater technology and innovation that works to the benefit of our clients and workers.

Our Values

Be optimistic – We believe there is a solution to every problem. By being innovative and working together, we can find new ways to get results.

Be passionate – We believe in what we do, are committed to doing good, and will go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients and workers.

Be accountable – We empower our people to take personal responsibility and make an impact.

Be respectful – We listen and learn from each other, embrace diverse views and experiences, and know that finding successful solutions comes from working together.

Be true – We are true to who we are and what our clients need.

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About Us

Goldman Workforce Solutions Private Limited is one of the reputed manpower consultants established in India and approved by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.


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